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Richmond School

Darlington Rd, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 7BQ, UK – 01748 850111

This school is a complete mixed bag. It all starts with the school day. This school may have the worst timetable I've ever seen. We get 20-25 minute lunches and spend at least half an hour a day standing around outside classrooms. It's so disorganised, but it used to be a lot better. The classroom themselves are fine. The ICT rooms and science labs are really decent, but the other classrooms are meh. There is also a wide range of teachers, from the ones who are fantastic and have been at the school for a number of years and those that usually stay for a year and really have no clue. Furthermore, the school is an academy now. They can do what they want. They charge £15 for a pair of trousers you HAVE to wear, they got rid of Latin and Classics, and they force you to do a language for GCSE. This school has no choice, pupils have no say. They give you the illusion of choice for your GCSEs but in the end they give you what you have to do. You merely choose between French and German, History and Geography. That's all the choice you get . The school isn't bad, it's just it has got progressively worse over time. It's so frustrating as a student to see something that you know can be and was so much better slowly cripple in it's own stupidity. TLDR: The school is fine but has lots of room for improvement. In recent years it has got a lot worse but I still hope that it can be improved. For this wondering, it's still better than SFX, who have managed to remain at the unique standard of being only good enough for the middle class, but in fact failing all its students who in reality don't give one about religion. The fact is, most of the 5 star reviews on Google are from parents or from years ago. It's a problem that instead of the school recognising it's failures, it instead throws it's 'values' down our throats. The school management at areté should stop focusing on making money and instead on making a the school more attractive.

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We could not find any Further Education around your location. Please click below to see full results from Google.

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The Open University provides high-quality distance learning for people of all ages and educational backgrounds. The joy is that their courses not only can be completed at home but are modular and so make it possible to fit them around life's varying commitments! The OU also do research.

Generally it is quite extraordinary institution which many people thought would fail but actually has been an unqualified success since it was founded in 1969.
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